“If you're looking for a fairy tale, fable, or thinly-veiled metaphor to make you feel better about how life works sometimes...this isn't it.

But let’s pile into a blanket fort and get through it together.”

In August 2014, the brave, and slightly off-kilter, puppeteers at Caterwaul Theatre presented the first full production of Erin Fleck’s Unintentionally Depressing Children’s Tales, with visual design by Sarah Fairlie.

The sold-out run featured five individual puppet tales unfolding around their audiences, inside a blanket fort built to the scale of the Lower Ossington Studio Theatre.  The Tales were a theatrical bedtime story like no other, a top pick of the festival, and earned the show’s team of designers the National Theatre School’s Design Award at the SummerWorks closing ceremony.

Development for the Tales supported by the Ontario Arts Council. 

Photo: Juni Bimm

Photo: Juni Bimm