Heat Shuts Off Overnight - SummerWorks Music Series 2015

Caterwaul Theatre returned to SummerWorks in the summer of 2015, for the Music Series, in a collaboration with Germaphobes, and special guest ANAMAI.

A Shadow Puppet Pop Performance, through the shadows of our digital consciousness.

For “J”, today, everything is business as usual.  Wake up, get dressed, make coffee, and start uploading…herself.  Mundane facts, stupid jokes, forgotten memories…nothing is overlooked, nothing is left behind.  It would be impressive…if everyone wasn’t already doing it.

But while “J”s busy saving her mind for the future, what happens when she ignores the present and its very broken radiator?

Original Music by: Paul Erlichman and Neil Rankin

Puppet and Set Design by: Sarah Fairlie and Erin Fleck

Concept by: Paul Erlichman, Neil Rankin, Sarah Fairlie and Erin Fleck

Performed by: Paul Erlichman, Neil Rankin, Sarah Fairlie, Erin Fleck and Joanne Sarazen with a special opening set by ANAMAI.